The image to the right was made in 1995. I feel that statement adequately explains the 3-D bevel and the gratuitous use of shadows and textures.
   This image adorned my band's website for over 5 years, which is remarkable in the sense that it outlived the band by a factor of about 2 to 1.
   The band was called JAR.
   JAR recorded a CD of progressive/hard rock music, which is available below in MP3 format for free download.
   The 3-D model to the right is an anatomically correct rendering of my left femoral artery, which really does have the band's logo tattooed along the outside.

Drummers are encouraged to check out the Drummer Gallery and my groove blog.

Welcome to the JARTERY.

want - cover image
want - cd image
house in the hills
A reggae/rock tune with a tight rhythmic connection between the guitar and drums that was characteristic of JAR.

The softer side of JAR... an acoustic-guitar ballad.

This song is a personal favorite, sinister and syncopated. The drum and bass groove was one of our most successful from this era.

cold feeling
This is another classic example of JAR guitar/drum interplay, with great vocal work.

Dark power chords over a latin ostinato groove, perhaps the strongest performance on this record.

alone in a crowd
This was our most rhythmically complex song, with verses in 5/4 time and unison rhythms throughout.

pandemonium clockwise
An instrumental speed-shuffle. This one burns. (So did my wrists.)

Simple Changes
 Bonus track!  This song is a second-generation JAR classic, with acoustic guitar and percussion, recorded live on Bay TV Morning in San Francisco, CA, at about 5:00 AM.

 Bonus track!  This may be the heaviest song we ever wrote. The main theme is in 9/4, making the song sort of a heavy-metal waltz, with double-bass through the solo. The recording here is a board mix from a show at SFSU sometime in 1995.

All songs Copyright © 1995 JAR. Free for personal use. May not be repackaged, used commercially, or sold without prior written permission.