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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004

home drum studio

home drum studioI have three more weeks to get ready for my Thanksgiving recording session. Pictured is the new home studio, where I’m spending as much time as I can this month.

I’m using ProTools, running on my old Powerbook. The audio interface is a Digidesign DIGI-002 Rack, inside the case below the mixing board.

The 002 has four mic pres, which I’ve used for the main hats, aux hats, overhead L and R. It also has four direct inputs, which are fed from direct channel outs or sub outs on the mixing board: kick, snare, stereo tom submix. The kick and snare are routed through a dbx 266XL dual-mono compressor, which helps tame excessive volume transients.

The tom mics are Audix D2 and D4. The snare mic is a D1, which sounds better (more woody, less pangy) than my Beyerdynamic M422. The kick mic is an AKG D112. Overheads are AKG C1000S. The main hi-hat mic is an old Audio-Technica condenser, the ATM31.

The room has been a challenge. Freshly painted, it makes a poor candidate for mounting absorptive materials. I know that a room’s upper corners are the first and most important place to treat with sound damping foam, but I can’t actually do it without leaving adhesive scars on the walls or ceiling. So, the foam placement has been a compromise; in lieu of prioritizing corners or achieving even coverage, I’ve put it where I can attach it without damage.

I’ve gotten pretty decent tones so far. I have learned a lot about the mechanics of recording in the past week, as I’ve experimented with mic placement, compression, and EQ. There’s more to know, I’m sure. But if I had to cut final takes today, I wouldn’t be held back by my gear. That’s a good feeling.

Still to do: install new mic cables with right-angle XLR jacks, to keep the cables out of my way as I’m playing; set up two new mic stands to give better control over hi-hat mic placement (the mics are currently hanging from cymbal arms, because I ran out of stands); set overhead mic pickup pattern to hypercardioid to see if that captures less room sound; change tom heads and retune; possibly change snare head. Then, of course, I have to learn how to play these five songs (two of which I haven’t even heard yet). It sounds doable… but I think I’ll be eating take-out on Thanksgiving.


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