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Friday, November 25th, 2005

heart attack in a pack

now with improved flavorThe ATA flight to Maui offered “snack service.” The snack turned out to be a shrinkwrapped box of name-brand junkfood, a six-course feast of chemically-enhanced salted fats. Not that that prevented us from decimating it, of course; I hadn’t managed to convince myself that paying $9.99 for a plate of reconstituted eggs at the airport cafe would provide anything resembling sustenance.

Here’s a breakdown of what ATA considers a suitable snack:

ItemWeightCaloriesSugarSodiumTrans Fats
Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bar21 g906 g80 mg
Ocean Spray Craisins25.5 g9017 g0 mg
Austin Cheese Crackers
w/ Peanut Butter
26 g1402 g210 mgYES
President Mystery Cheeseapprox 15 gn/an/an/a
Keebler Whole Wheat Crackersapprox 10 gn/an/an/aprobably
Oreos22 g1009 g115 mgYES
TOTAL:120 g420+34+ g405+ mgugh

the evil snack packThe snack service was followed up with another snack, in case anyone needed a little refreshment, a little pick-me-up after becoming torpid and logy following the artificially-colored and -flavored assault of the first round. But this snack was nearly as bad: a 2-pack of cookies (refined flour, sugar, butter) and a foil pouch of pretzels (refined flour, salt, partially hydrogenated heart stopper). To be fair, the second round was healthier than the first, but only because it was just one-third the size.

So, altogether, less toxic than the stonner, but still not something you’d want to make a habit of. I was beginning to have lustful thoughts for those powdered eggs.

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