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Thursday, February 2nd, 2006

No Regret

As promised

the old bandFor a few weeks in 1994, I played in a band with a bassist named Pete Franco, who went on to find fame with The Mother Truckers. Our band didn’t last, but it produced two great tracks: Want, from the JAR CD, and a song called No Regret.

We recorded both at Suspect Studios, to 24-track ADAT. But the band broke up before we could mix the tracks, and the guitarist and I formed JAR a few weeks later (and subsequently re-recorded Want with our new bassist at Brilliant Studios). Somehow I ended up with the ADATs from the Suspect sessions; I carted them from apartment to apartment to house to house (or garage to garage, more accurately), until I got curious (or nostalgaic, more accurately) and paid a local studio to transfer the ADATs to Pro Tools a couple years ago.

I taught myself how to mix well enough to know that I was terrible at it. So recently I hired a real engineer, Evan Rodaniche, to remix the song, and the result kicked my ass. Here it is:

Notable!No Regret (160 kbps MP3)Creative Commons License

  Lyrics: Franco
  Music: Franco, Sparks, McGlynn
  Guitar: Sparks
  Bass, Vocals: Franco
  Drums: McGlynn
  Recorded: 1994, Suspect Studios
  Mixed: 2005, Evan Rodaniche / Master Blaster Studioz

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updated: 2006-02-03 16:09:01

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