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Friday, July 6th, 2001

DVD Buyer’s Guide

Here’s how I usually buy an electronics device:

Go to Costco, take notes. Stop by Good Guys on the way home. Compare brands and prices. Return home, research brands on the web for two hours. Ask experienced friends for opinions. Check manufacturers’ websites. Read reviews. Do many Google searches.

Review ads in supplements to Sunday newspaper. Check Consumer Reports Buyers Guide for warranty and reliability ratings. Pore over specifications and features. Scan and ebay for deals.

And then, 2-3 weeks later, after having spent 24 hours researching, I make a purchase decision. At a reasonable contracting rate, those 24 hours of work cost me in the neighborhood of $24 million.

So when it came time to buy a DVD player, I employed a new tactic. I can summarize it here:

There, I’ve just saved you an entire day of your life.

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updated: 2006-01-22 06:57:18

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