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Tuesday, February 19th, 2002

sick like dog

I was flying home from Germany in January when I saw a passenger vomit all over the person sitting next to him. It was awful to hear the cough, the gurgling, the splash, and the horrified gasp of everyone in the vicinity. And it was worse to be trapped 10' away, breathing what I imagined to be Ebola Frankfurt, an airborne filovirus that would cause everyone on the plane to erupt into bloody geysers of sausage-smelling dissolved organs 72 hours later.

All the passengers around me were heartless weasels. They regarded the sick person like the latest in on-board entertainment… They stared, openly gaping at his misery. I glared at some of them, not that they could peel their eyes away long enough to notice.

Anyway, I mention this to put things into perspective. I’ve been sick for a week: headaches, congestion, a mystery nosebleed, and a wracking dry cough that appears at bedtime, like a phone call from a neurotic ex-girlfriend, to torment me and make sleep impossible.

But, as bad as I feel, at least I haven’t barfed on anyone.

By the way, the thing on the aiplane turned out not to be Ebola after all.

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