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Friday, June 7th, 2002

Lost youth, with racing stripes

Last weekend I was driving through Lodi, CA in my sensible, aging Golfmobile when I was passed by four teenagers in a perfectly restored 1968 Camaro convertible, and then by two more young guys in a beater ‘72 Nova (in faded metallic green and spraycan primer). The thing that caught my attention is that both those cars rolled out of Detroit about 15 years before their current owners were born. I totally understand the appeal of classic American musclecars, having owned one myself, but I marvel that over time it’s the same cars, from the same short period of about seven years, that gearhead teenagers keep turning to.

If you think this dispassionate statement of intellectual curiousity is really a disguised lament for the lack of classic American musclecars in my garage, you’re probably right.

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