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Tuesday, December 17th, 2002

warmer and brighter

Power came back Tuesday afternoon, several hours ahead of schedule. The outage lasted three days and three hours, as determined by the cron log on my router.

I was wrong about being at the end of the line. The Press Demo reports: Thousands still without power.

Relevant statistics from this article:

I don’t know where Laytonville and Albion are, except in the sense that they’re “further out” than I am, and I’m apparently already in generator country.

PG&E’s press release describes the damages due to winds:

OK, I extrapolated that last one from the context.

The company claims it pays half its claims. The claims-program FAQ admits guilt: “If any … property is damaged because we … unreasonably fail to do something that should have been done, then we have an obligation to pay for reasonable damages.” What did they unreasonably fail to do? Trim trees.

PG&E has a long track record of failing to properly clear trees around its lines, according to the Chico Examiner. There’s more than a hint of scandal: “PUC investigators charged that PG&E had taken money from its ratepayer-funded vegetation management budgets to boost profits, which resulted in bonuses for PG&E managers as reward for cutting jobs. From 1987 to 1994, PG&E diverted $77.6 million from the tree-trimming budget, the investigators said.”

So, file those claims today!

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