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Sunday, March 2nd, 2003

keeping fit

In June, I’ll be joining a group of 6 friends for a 25-mile roundtrip hike in Colorado. It’s a brutal plan: start at ~7000 feet at 2:00 AM and climb to the peak (at 14110 feet), quickly snap the obligatory summit picture and then turn around and hike back down. If we’re lucky we’ll finish by 6:00 PM. If we’re really lucky we won’t get caught above the treeline when the afternoon electrical storms come. (Read more about Barr Trail.)

Most of the guys in the group have already started preparing. One joined a gym, two others have increased their workout regimen. Several have changed their diets. Several have committed to taking local hikes regularly to stay fit.

So I was pleased when I was invited today to hike with some friends in Annadel State Park. It was a great opportunity to put feet to dirt, expand my lungs, refresh the callouses that keep my hiking boots comfortable, etc. But I stayed home instead and finished my taxes.

I’m not in complete denial — I have begun preparing for the trip:

That should carry me through 12.5 miles of 11% grade, no?

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