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Wednesday, December 31st, 2003

the year in review

miles walked on the treadmill: 329 (-32%)
calories consumed thereby: 62312
trail miles hiked: 120
pounds gained and/or lost: 0
estimated dollars spent at REI: 500

number of journal entries published here: 212 (+27%)
average hours slept per night: 6.3

number of threatening letters
received from lawyers: 1
cold sweats induced thereby: 1

wars survived: 1
Presidental decisions disagreed with: n/a (too high to count)

number of books read: 11 (-63%)
number of movies seen: 88
number of those viewings that were Matrix episodes: 8

number of vacation trips: 6
number of U.S. states visited: 4 (including CA) (-50%)
number of foreign countries visited: 2
total nights spent away from home: 35 (+25%)

digital photographs taken: 1186
months behind schedule in printing
these photographs for our albums: 3

pageviews served by this website: 199,941 (+60%)
dollars spent on connectivity and hosting: 1377 (-73%)

CDs purchased: 29 (+52%)
PV arrays purchased: 1

loaves of bread or pizzas made: 70
sourdough cultures in the refrigerator: 3

approximate number of unwanted
holiday mail-order catalogs received: 3 (-~97%)

resolutions formed for the new year: 3

(Percent-change figures are relative to 2002)

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updated: 2004-02-22 22:49:16

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