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Sunday, April 6th, 2003

armstrong woods state reserve

Armstrong WoodsStrenuous 9 Miles with 1500' climb.” Seems like an odd way to spend a Sunday when there’s code to be written. But I’m in training, with many miles to go before June 21. That’s the day I’ll spend hiking Pike’s Peak with a half-dozen equally deluded friends.

The East Ridge Trail at Armstrong Woods is more challenging than it sounds. My sense is there’s a lot more up-and-down than the 1500' figure indicates. I think we probably climbed those 1500' three or four times.

I was testing my fancy new hydrophobic polypropylene base layer, aka “shirt.” It worked better than I imagined it could — I was sweating like a watermelon at a barbecue, but this wondergarment drained all the moisture away. After our break, instead of feeling the pull and weight of a soaked-through, clammy cotton T-shirt, I felt completely dry.

I will admit to looking ridiculous. There’s a certain body type that looks good in skin-tight plastic clothing. Whatever body type I have, it’s apparently the wrong one. Muscles and, erm, other kinds of tissue show in equal relief.

There is also the possibility that my shirt is a size too small, because after the hike, the “care instructions” were embossed in reverse on the back of my neck.

The climb was pretty tough. My energy and wind were fine, but I started having a twinge in my left knee on the ascent. Oddly, it moved to my right knee for the return. This is frightening, for there’s no chance I’m going to finish a 25-mile hike if my knees are tweaked. I’m working on skeletal adjustments, but I don’t know if enough weeks remain for the adjustments to “take.” Tune in in June, I guess… If I don’t post anything during the week of the 22nd, send out a search party.

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